Friday, October 24, 2008

Big S...

Md Ehsan has now learn to reason. At least by his standard. In our presence, he talks, moves and pretend-plays alot as he imitates us going about the house. Mix his talkativeness with his mispronounciation, it's us adults who are often left laughing in stitches.

Scenario 1:
(At a relative's house during Raya visiting)

Dad: "Ehsan, salam Atok-Cik (great granduncle)
Nephew: "Nanak"
Dad: "Come on, be a good boy"
Nephew: "Tak bleh. Tangan Ehsan minyak" (Cannot. My hands are oily)


Scenario 2:
(In my room)

Nephew: "Ahntie Long, what's this?"
Me: "Aunty's school bag"
Nephew: "School bag? Ahntie Long go school?"
Me: "Uh-huh"
Nephew: "Ahntie Long tak work Bugis?" tak = no
Me: "Oh. Work first. Work ends Aunty goes to school"
Nephew: "Work Bugis, school?"
Me: "Yes"
Nephew: "Ape saje..."
Me: !??


Scenario 3:
(In the house)

Mom: "Come Ehsan, time to bathe"
Nephew: "Ehsan nak play" nak = want
Me: "Let's go bam-bam. Shower first then play"

As he approaches the bathroom, my youngest sister surprises him from the store room.

Sister: "Boo!"
Nephew: (shocked and irritated) "You big ass!"
Sister: "Woi!"
Me: "Muhammad!"
Mom: "Hep!"
Nephew: "You big ass!"
Sister: (roaring in laughter) "He said that to Mom"
Me: "Muhammad, don't follow Aunty Dayah's nonsense"
Mom: "No lah. I think he meant something else. Imitating what Ain usually tells him"

Everyone thinks.

Me: "You behave?"
Mom: "Ah! Right!"
Sister: "You big ass!" (laughs again)
Me: *slaps forehead*

For a period of time, we actually discouraged him from saying it.


Just now...

Nephew: "Ahntie Long buat ape?" = what are you doing
Me: "I want to sleep"
Nephew: "Ok. Ehsan nak wash wason mason"
Me: "Hah?"
Nephew: "Wason mason. Take towel, wash"

He took a small towel and puts it on the table. Then he pretended to scoop and pour something on the towel.

Me: "Ehsan wipe table?"
Nephew: "No no no. Wash Wason mason"
Me: "Wason mason? wason mason, wason mason, wason mason... washing machine?"
Nephew: "Ah! Ehsan take towel put wason mason."
Mom: "What's going on?"
Me: "Wason mason"

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Md Ehsan nak jalan...

Ain's family went Geylang shopping over one weekend. The following week, while I was getting ready for work, Md Ehsan excitedly narrated to me.

Md Ehsan: "Dah beli baju Ehsan, baju Ayah, baju Ibu. Beli ongkok Ehsan, ongkok Ayah, udong Ibu." (Bought Ehsan's clothes, Dad's clothes, Mom's clothes. Bought Ehsan's headwear, Dad's headwear, Mom's headwear)

Me: "Wah, Ehsan pegi shopping kat Geylang eh?" (Wah, Ehsan went shopping at Geylang?)

Md Ehsan: "Ah ah"

Me: "Ahntie nak pakai baju boleh?" (Can I wear your clothes?)

Md Ehsan: "Tak bleh" (Cannot)

Mom: "Ehsan nak pakai baju pegi mane?" (Where are you going with those clothes?)

Md Ehsan: *after much silence* "Ehsan pakai baju, pakai ongkok, nak jalan" (Ehsan wearing clothes, wearing headwear, to go out)

Mom: "Ehsan nak jalan Ra..." (Ehsan wants to go...)

My mom had taught him the day before.

Md Ehsan: "Ehsan nak go work Bugis!"

Me: "?!!! Go work in baju kurung?"

Md Ehsan: *giggles*

A child's logic? More like his back-up script. Hahaha!

To all Muslims, Eid Mubarak. Wishing you all a blessful Ramadhan, a joyous Syawal and a wonderful year ahead. =)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Ahntie baik-baik tau..."

My nephew surprised me this morning as I was leaving for work. After the usual salam & kisses...

"Bye darling. See you tomorrow"

"Bye ahntie... aik-aik tau" (take care ok)

My mom stopped reading her newspapers and asked excitedly, "What did he say?"

He smiled impishly and stood up. Accompanied me to the front as I stepped out and wore my shoes. Once I've locked the gate...

"Bye ahntie"

"Bye darling."

Smiling gleefully he said "Ahntie jalan baik-baik tau" (Ahntie walk carefully ok)

"Ok. Ehsan pun baik-baik tau" (Ehsan also be good ok)

"Ok." giggles

It took me a week later before I decided to record the whole act. It's the way he say it that tickles my heart.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time, Travel and Tired

Time on my watch (a bling gift from my bling2 galfrens) now is 06.10pm. Logging in from Terminal 3 for a quick update before I fly.

I've only just entered Singapore about 3.5 hours ago. Tired? You betcha. Try clearing your luggage within 15 minutes. No wait, that's not the word. Transfer. From a 2 days' luggage - which was purely fun and pleasure, to a week's luggage - business, fun and pleasure (or whatever is left). On top of a much needed refreshing shower squeezed in that timeframe.

Entire body is screaming for proper rest (read: bed) Heehee... as much as possible however, I do not want to spend my flight time in slumberland. Shall see who wins this struggle between body, mind and soul.

Time Check: 06.20pm.

I had better start walking to my gate now. Toodles ladies.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tangkal & Ayat-ayat

Sedikit ulasan dari Kuliah Dhuha bimbingan Ustaz Jalalludin Hassan di Masjid An-Nur.

Seorang jemaah bertanya pada Ustaz tentang tangkal yang mengandungi ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran. Ustaz menerangkan, tangkal dibolehkan untuk bayi atau kanak-kanak yang belum boleh tahu membaca ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran. Orang yang sudah dewasa dan memakai tangkal, tidak ada "effect"nya. Malah syaitan akan tertawa dan tidak akan lari bila orang dewasa memakai tangkal. Ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran harus dibaca melalui suara atau dalam hati, barulah syaitan akan takut.

Syaitan ada di dalam tubuh badan manusia ibarat darah yang mengalir. Dia akan serang kita dari kiri, kanan, depan, belakang, bawah KECUALI atas. Itu kerana doa manusia naik ke atas langit. Sebab itu manusia harus rajin berdoa.

Sama juga seperti rumah-rumah yang penuh dengan frame ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran. Lawa-lawa belaka dan tak kurang pula ada yang diimport dari luar negara. Tetapi jika penghuni rumah itu tidak membaca atau mengamalkan surah-surah tersebut, tiada makna frame-frame itu. Syaitan lagi tertawakan pada manusia golongan ini. Syaitan tidak takut dengan melihat kalimat-kalimat Allah. Tetapi dia akan lari bila manusia membaca ayat-ayat tersebut (berbeza dari memainkan CD atau cassette).

Bila kita sedang duduk dan terpandang frame ayat-ayat di dinding itu, bacalah supaya "ruh" ayat-ayat tersebut akan hidup di rumah dan hati kita.

~ thank you, MrsBeki ~

The Quran is for oneself to read (Iqra). Someone ever told me this: "Our prayer deeds are never done by anyone else, why use frames and CDs to guard our homes? The words as weapons? Or the wood itself?"


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spon, bol and soes.

The family celebrated my Mom's birthday hours back. The usual dinner affair. Followed by us ladies checking out the nearby shops. Md Ehsan followed as we entered a shoe shop.

I wasn't looking for any. But my hands did reached out for a pair here and there. Designs were simple and prices were affordable. I tried them on to see if they were comfortable enough for dailywear. The little boy stood beside me observing everything. The sizes I tried were too small. But from what I felt, the cushioning was good. I placed the pairs of shoes back on the display and changed my attention back to him.

He looked at me, pointed at the shoes and went "Ahntie, soes." I nodded. Then he picked one up and placed it down on the floor near my feet. Oh no.

"No more darling. Come, let's put it back." He diligently picked and placed it back. A few steps forward, he pointed at another pair and went "Ahntie, soes?"

I shook my head and started walking out, "Let's go". He tagged along, "Et's go babey". =)

We walked around the area. The men were standing at a corner waiting & talking. Mom, Dayah & Ain were browsing at another shop. Together with Md Ehsan, I entered another shop selling Muslim & Muslimah headwears and praying items.

"Ahntie, ongkok." Huh?

"Mane?" (Where?)

"Tu atas" (Up there). I looked up and true enough, rows and rows of black and white songkoks.

"Oh ah ah. Ehsan pun ade songkok kat rumah kan?" (Oh ya. Ehsan also has a songkok at home right?) He smiled.

"Ahntie, allahwakbar." Walking with him is always that entertaining. There I was browsing at the numerous anak tudung while he was happily discovering and pointing at the piles of colourful thick sejadah (praying mats).

By this time his antics have caught the attention of the 2 shopowners.

"Cutenya. Nama siapa ni, nak?" (So cute. What's your name, child?)
Right away, he clammed up and grabbed hold of my hand. I became his spokesperson.

"Nama die Md Ehsan." (His name is...)

"Mukanya banyak iras ibunya. Hensem." (His features are mostly from his mother. Handsome.)

Unknowing to the shopowners, little boy has already started tugging my hand to move from that place.

I smiled, salam and left.

I was wondering when did Ain entered that shop. Before I realised that the lady had meant me. Haiyo...

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Mais Feliz

Our love is never going to stop
Running away and flow like a river
Like a stone dividing the river
Tell me beautiful things

Our love won't look back
Disenchant or be the theme of a book
My whole life I searched for a simple verse
To transform what I am saying